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Schneider answers the question by consulting a critical but ignored experience—the law's learning about regulation—and by amassing empirical evidence that is scattered around many literatures. He concludes that IRBs were fundamentally misconceived. Their usefulness to human subjects is doubtful, but they clearly delay, distort, and deter research that can save people's lives, soothe their suffering, and enhance their welfare.

IRBs demonstrably make decisions poorly. They cannot be expected to make decisions well, for they lack the expertise, ethical principles, legal rules, effective procedures, and accountability essential to good regulation. And IRBs are censors in the place censorship is most damaging—universities. In sum, Schneider argues that IRBs are bad regulation that inescapably do more harm than good.

They were an irreparable mistake that should be abandoned so that research can be conducted properly and regulated sensibly. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Schneider April 20, Perhaps no kind of regulation is more common or less useful than mandated disclosure—requiring one party to a transaction to give the other information. It is the iTunes terms you assent to, the doctor's consent form you sign, the pile of papers you get with your mortgage.

Reading the terms, the form, and the papers is supposed to equip you to choose your purchase, your treatment, and your loan well. More Than You Wanted to Know surveys the evidence and finds that mandated disclosure rarely works. But how could it? Who reads these disclosures?

Who understands them?

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More related to consumer protection. See more. Practice Notes on Consumer Law. Peter Walker. This fourth edition of Practice Notes on Consumer Law contains much useful information for those dealing with problems in consumer law, from either the consumer or supplier perspective. These notes include guidance on common problems, checklists, specimen letters and precedents to help you through the common problems in this area of law, which has recently changed so rapidly. This fourth edition has, therefore, been updated to include: developments such as the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations , and the Contracts Rights of Third Parties Act changes in consumer safety law, particularly the regulations concerning general product safety changes in civil procedure as a result of the Woolf Reforms - the book includes procedural notes relating to litigation the influence of the European Union, particularly consumer protection for distance selling contracts.

Consumer Bankruptcy in Global Perspective. Johanna Niemi.

Consumer Bankruptcy and over-indebtedness is an emerging field throughout the world. This book provides a comparative appraisal of global developments in this area. It is one of the first book length publications focusing on comparative consumer bankruptcy and over-indebtedness. It combines theoretical and empirical studies of bankruptcy regimes and consumer credit in civilian and common law jurisdictions as well as exploring current reform trends. The book will be of interest to academics, policymakers and law reformers as well as to practitioners.

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Stephen Weatherill. It establishes a harmonised regime governing the control of unfair commercial practices. As such it represents an important exercise in the use of new rules and new techniques, and therefore poses new challenges to EU lawyers. The purpose of this book is to inform and to explore the issues raised by the Directive, issues which are of academic and practical interest, in helping to understand the evolution of European consumer law within the broader programme of European market regulation.

The intense practical significance of this Directive, which heralds a new regime, is likely to provoke commercial operators to seek to exploit opportunities to pursue practices previously suppressed. Cristina Coteanu. Of great interest to practitioners, policymakers and academics - as well as to consumers and traders in general - this timely work addresses all important legal and practical issues that arise in connection with online trading. This important work outlines the existing legislation and legal jurisprudence in the EU and the US and exposes the potential for unfair commercial practices to arise from online contracts, electronic agents, disclosure of information, online advertising and online dispute resolution in cross-border transactions.

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The continuing prevalence of unfair commercial practices will ensure this book remains in great demand. Charles Jerome Ware. If you owe too much money, you can go to prison even though you have not committed a crime. You can also be kicked out of your home and face a myriad of other negative consequences.

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Even so, the largest religion in the United States continues to be consumerismthe deeply held belief that buying goods and services makes us better and happier. Attorney Charles Jerome Ware explores how you can keep spending, maintain your freedom, and stand up for yourself. He shares ways to prevent foreclosure, discourage identity theft and other forms of fraud, avoid debt settlement scams, and rebuild your credit.

This insiders guide reveals hundreds of facts to educate and inform the faithful American consumer. Omri Ben-Shahar, Carl E. The three articles in this symposium analyze our book More Than You Wanted to Know: The Failure of Mandated Disclosure with uncommon cogency, acuity, and learning for which we are admiringly grateful.

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In considering how to respond to these analyses, we have tried to avoid telling readers more than they want to know. Particularly, we want to spare them battling and bickering with commentators issue by issue. Our critics, especially sophisticated disclosurites people who implicitly or explicitly favor the regulatory method of mandated disclosure , seem not to dispute—indeed, they generally accept—our Most users should sign in with their email address.

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